James Lovallo

Web Developer • Web Designer • Brand Strategist

My Work

I am a developer, designer, and brand strategist. My job is to understand my client's goals, develop the tools to accomplish those goals, and make them look good doing it. I don't take shortcuts and I don't compromise on performance, accessibility or best practices.

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Web Developer, MRM
  • Performed front-end and back-end tasks to build components using AEM, React, Next.js, Custom Elements, and other frameworks.
  • Built and updated sites for clients including Verizon, NY/NJ Port Authority, Anheuser Busch, GlaxoSmithKline, British American Tobacco, and others.
  • Contributed to remaking MRM's website as a front-end developer and accessibility specialist.
  • Consistently advocated for my teams to adopt best practices for accessibility and performance.
Full-Stack Developer, Freelance
  • Full Stack development serving nonprofits, small businesses and political campaigns using a variety of stacks, platforms and hosting solutions, as best suited each client. See "My Work" section above.
2017 ➔ 2019
Web Developer, Xenial
  • Wrote custom front-end code for kiosk, mobile, and online ordering products for restaurant customers.
  • Refactored front-end interface to reduce project completion time by >90%.
  • Created new component-based design system to make code reusable across deployment targets.
  • Was recognized as Employee of the Quarter for dramatic improvements to the product’s interface that improved the stability and customizability of the product, resulting in faster project turnaround times and increased sales and customer satisfaction.
2016 ➔ 2017
Web Designer, CDK Global
  • Designed and implemented digital marketing resources for the GM family of vehicles and dealers.
  • Created promotional assets and integrated third-party digital solutions into dealer websites.
2014 ➔ 2016
Teaching Experience
  • Independently planned and taught English reading recovery courses for students grade 7-12.
  • Taught English classes grade 7-12, implementing student-specific interventions to support students with Individualized Education Programs.
2008 ➔ 2014
Student, Michigan State University
  • 2014 | Secondary Education Certification
  • 2013 | BA English
  • 2013 | BA French
  • 2012 | Summer Intensive | Institut de Touraine, Tours, France


This is a live listing of my projects on NPM. Most of these are useful little custom elements that are compatible with multiple front-end frameworks.

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